Who Am II am Dario Sechi, born with a passion for coding and creating user friendly software, I managed to achieve various goals in the modding of linux kernels.

Driven by life decisions and natural thirst for learning new technologies I stumbled upon the blockchain sector.

Now I work as an App and Front-End Developer for a promising startup called Together Price, I've done some of these works that you see here to help me get through my work faster.
Solid Kernel
In the past I have modded several linux kernels for various android devices, the main goal of Solid Kernel was to be as the name says, solid, but also performant without decreasing the battery life or other side-effects that performance increase usually have.VIEW THE SOURCE
Solid CSS
This simple but powerful css library simply stops you from writing and duplicating css styles, you have everything you need in 2 or 3 letters, the innovative part is that it can find the classes you use and minify the css based on that, so that you will only have a super light css file per project.INSTALL WITH NPM
Solid Template Builder
Your boss asked you to do a static html webpage but you're too used to your good simple frameworks? Here is where this library comes in handy, it lets you build a static html page from a dynamic and easily readable template controlled by a main js file, you can even use components!INSTALL WITH NPM
Solid Wallet
Minimal, simple and easy to use crypto-wallet for your ERC20 currencies, supports import from mnemonic and private key, and is able to transfer tokens without any issue.BECOME A TESTER